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Frequently Asked Questions


1 / How much do you charge?

You can find out the starting prices of my packages on my wedding page here.

In the early stage of the enquiry I will provide you with a list of personalized quotes based on what you would like for your day.

2 / Do You Charge for Travel?

The first hour of travel is free and then fees are added for each hour thereafter. The travel times will be based on the maximum estimation given by Google Maps for the date and time of your wedding.

Any travel charge will be included in your personalized quotes.

3 / Is there a discount when booking multiple services?

Yes, I do offer a discount of Drink Reception prices when booked with Ceremony music. This will be included in your quote. 

4/ Do you require a Deposit to Book?

Yes I do require a deposit to fully book your service. Details of this will be send to you once a package and date has been confirmed

Music Choices

1 / Do You have a list of Wedding Songs we have to choose from? 

I believe the couple should have freedom on their day to choose what songs they want to best fit their ceremony, thus I don't provided a pre prescribed list of songs. I do however provide lists of songs I have previously performed to help the couple choose in the run up to their wedding. Recordings of my music can also be found on my Social Media and on the Listen page of the website.

2 / What instruments can I choose from?

Kerry sings as well as playing the piano, autoharp, shruti box, tin whistle, low whistle, accordion and drum. 

In addition to this we can also provide male vocals, guitar, violin/fiddle, cello and flute.

3 / What type of music do you perform for Drink's Receptions and Day 2?

Depending on how many musicians you have booked many styles of music can be covered.

Previously we have done Irish, Scottish, Folk, Jazz, Easy Listening, Acoustic Covers of Modern Songs, Christmas, Country, Trad and Musical Theatre sets. We can also do combinations of more than one style.

The most popular budget option is our Vintage Set. This is Kerry singing vintage and jazz styles of modern songs accompanied by high quality big band style backing tracks.

4 / Do you play music before the wedding starts?

Yes we will play light background music before your ceremony starts and for a short time afterwards as your guests leave.


1 / Where can I learn more about your previous experience?

A short biography can be found here.

2 / Where can I learn more about the experience of other musicians booked

All the musicians I work with have worked extensively in the music industry, with the majority also having studied music at University level. If you require a biography of additional musicians in advance of booking this can be provided. Information about the additional musicians will however be provided in the run up to the wedding regardless.

Other Questions

1 / What do you wear?

If you have a specific dress code for your wedding you can let us know in advance. Otherwise we will wear dark semi-formal clothing.

If you have booked the Vintage Singer option for your Drink Reception or Day2 full Vintage costume will be provided.

2 / Do you provide your own sound equipment?

We provide all our own equipment. We currently use a Yamaha Stage Pass PA system which is tested on a regular basis. All instruments used are well maintained and of a high quality.
In the case of an emergency we may use the venue’s PA of play acoustically. Acoustic performances, lovely for smaller weddings, can also be provided on request.

3 /What if a musician cannot attend? (Illness, Covid19, Bereavements etc.)

If a musician is unable to attend we will contact you immediately to alert you to the situation. You will then have the choice of continuing with your remaining musician (if you’ve booked more than just Kerry) or having us try to replace the missing musician.
If you continue with the remaining musicians you will not be charged for the missing musician on the day. If a replacement is found the full amount will still be due.
If you have booked Kerry on her own and she is unable to attend we will try and find a replacement for her. If we are unable to do this you will be refunded in full.

4 /What if there's a weather warning on the day of my wedding?

In the rare event of a red weather warning (in our home area, an area being travelled through or the wedding location) we reserve the right to cancel the booking and will repay you any monies (minus the deposit) already paid.

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